Computer Hard Drive Deletion


Computers, Servers, Laptops, Digital Copiers, or any other electronics with hard drives that come to The Atlanta Recycling Center must be erased Under the Privacy Act of 2009. Total destruction of hard drive is recommended if it contains sensitive information of your business and your client's personal information's. A small fee will apply if your company requests total destruction of your hard drive.

Atlanta Recycling Center provides the safest and the most reliable destruction of hard drives and provides a certificate of recycling and hard-drive destruction for your records.

The method we use in Atlanta Recycling Center is done in two phases.

First, we put your hard drive through a degaussing process with a very sophisticated electro-magnetic device. Then we shred your hard drive physically for metal recovery.

For the destruction of your hard drive, please contact the Miami Recycle Center at 678-379-5535 or send us your inquiry via email to